Gente Grande Magallanes, Chile

Project Information

TEG is focussed primarily on the development of green hydrogen production and ammonia synthesis projects which utilise the exceptional wind resource in the Magellan region to produce low cost electricity.

Working closely with local long term technical and commercial partners, TEG aims to drive the development of its key projects towards an advanced state of readiness to begin construction and then enter commercial operations within 5 years. This will be done with a phased approach to supplying project off-takers primarily for export as well as potential local demand.

Project Data

Project Name: Gente Grande

Project Owner: TEG Chile SPA

Project Location: Tierra Del Fuego, Magallanes, Chile

Project Size: up to 3GW

Renewable Energy Source: Wind power

Water Supply: Desalination

Product: Green Ammonia

Total Investment: 8 billion USD (approx)

Planned Operational Date: 2026 (first phase)

Target Markets: Lat Am, Europe, Asia, marine fuels

Wind Measurement

TEG installed the first meteorological mast at the Gente Grande project site in August 2022 and has now installed and commissioned a total of four (4) masts to cover the entire project area. Each mast is 120 metres high and equipped with sensors at multiple elevations for continuous measurement and recording of comprehensive wind data.

Installation of dedicated met. masts enables the wind resource for the Gente Grande project to be verified and characterized by actual data from the project site. This data is used for detailed analysis of wind generation performance and gives a significant advantage over the use of third party data sources which are inevitably less accurate.

Wind data recordings from our met. masts continue to confirm the exceptional wind resource characteristics available across the entire project site on the main island of Tierra del Fuego.

Project Activities

The Project is currently in the Permitting Phase, which is focused on securing the necessary environmental and marine permits from the relevant statutory authorities in Chile. Applications for the statutory environmental authorizations are planned for Q1 2024.

As part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), environmental baseline studies are in progress across the project site area, covering multiple environmental disciplines to assess the living environment and natural landscape. This is a significant activity across almost 40,000 hectares and many of these studies are being repeated every season in order to make a comprehensive assessment of the existing environmental characteristics throughout the full annual cycle.

Environmental studies have so far confirmed only a small number of species of interest and no extreme sensitivities for the proposed development. Meanwhile physical surveys and preliminary engineering design work are also in progress, primarily to support the environmental permit applications.

The involvement with local and regional communities is a major part of TEG activities and a significant engagement programme is under way. The permitting activities include the formal Citizen Participation (PACA) process which engages with the public to provide information about the proposed development and the potential impacts and benefits.

Project Gallery

Project status

Environmental and Engineering services contractor Wood appointed October 2022
Community relations programme launched October 2022
Marine studies commenced September 2022
Environmental baseline studies underway September 2022
2 further 120m met masts installed and commissioned September 2022
Owners Engineer Petrofac appointed and Basis of Design underway August 2022
Project offices in Punta Arenas opened June 2022
Techno-economic modelling and feasibility complete May 2022
Environmental Pre-Feasibility complete May 2022
120m met mast erected in August 2021
Conceptual design
Environmental Pre-Feasibility
Techno-economic modelling and feasibility
Project offices in Punta Arenas
Owners Engineer Petrofac appointed and Basis of Design underway