Vision & Strategy

Our Vision

To be a pivotal producer of carbon-free green hydrogen, ammonia and other derivatives from world class assets that can catalyse the emerging markets and deliver long term, sustainable economic value.

“Powering into the future of the energy transition”

Our mission is to develop, construct and operate strategic assets across the green hydrogen upstream value chain. This includes production, transportation, importation, and gas storage facilities with an emphasis on the early integration of off-takers, operators and financiers as project stakeholders.

Our aim is to be at the vanguard of the transition towards carbon neutrality with a global footprint of advanced green hydrogen projects that are responsive to the timing and location of the new energy markets driving decarbonization.

Our Strategy

TEG’s deeply experienced management team carefully selects projects that have the necessary resources to offer compelling economics but equally are fundamentally sensitive to the natural environment and the benefits they should bring to the local communities nearby them.

The resulting combination of well conceived, viable projects with full stakeholder engagement, smart execution and a laser focus on the customers who are spearheading the energy change makes TEG a dynamic driving force in the rapidly developing market for zero carbon commodities and fuels.

With an initial clear focus on production facilities, TEG intends to expand its activities where appropriate across the green hydrogen value chain to encompass transportation and storage. This will always be subject to compliance with TEG’s core criteria in relation  to project quality and deliverability and an overriding commitment to corporate environmental and social awareness combined with the highest standards of governance.