Products & Technology

What are our products?

Green hydrogen and the green ammonia derived from it are products that are made using clean renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

This eliminates the high levels of emissions from the traditional production process. The resulting hydrogen, including the fuels that can be made from it, can be used to significantly reduce emissions in areas like shipping, aviation, concrete and steel manufacture which cannot easily be electrified making this an essential part of the energy transition towards carbon zero.

Green hydrogen can be used directly as a transportation fuel in fuel cells where the only emission is clean water and as a direct input into various industrial processes. Green ammonia, made from green hydrogen, would be used as a transportation and storage medium for hydrogen, to produce carbon neutral fertilisers and explosives for mining and as zero emissions fuel for shipping which collectively account for almost 5% of total global emissions.

How are they made?

TEG uses existing technologies provided by leading industrial partners to manufacture green hydrogen and green ammonia.

The very best locations for renewable energy generation using wind, solar or tidal resources are used to produce clean electricity that then powers the electrolysis of water to produce green hydrogen and oxygen. The green hydrogen is then combined with nitrogen extracted from the air to produce green ammonia which can be easily stored and shipped using conventional tanks and vessels.

Electrolysis is a very energy intensive process and the cost of the electricity consumed represents up to 80% of the production cost of the hydrogen and ammonia. It is because of this that it is important to have the very best renewable resources possible to generate enough low cost energy to power these plants.